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La Selva
Commemoration on a tin
La Selva Joaquim Albertí
La Selva
Packaging Branding
Paco Arará
One of the icons to celebrate the company’s centenary was a special edition of its flagship product: tinned cooked ham. With a design taking the essence of the first one created for the brand, the can became a commemorative item rather than a mere piece of packaging.

We have been working with La Selva Joaquim Alberti for many years developing some of its brands and products. In this case, the commission was particularly symbolic because we were working with our client on various actions and items referring to the historic moment. One of these was the creation of a type of can for a special edition of its flagship product: tinned whole ham, made according to a special recipe inspired by the brand’s origins and created for the occasion.

To develop the project, we based ourselves on the first design for a can to contain ham. Based on this, and focusing on the company’s foundation date, the packaging was designed with the idea that it should be a decorative object even after the product has been used.

And so it proved. Because of their link with the brand and the appearance of the piece, many charcuteries display the can and, as a result, many consumers see it in their windows.