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What we do

Taking brands to another level through design. We look for the essence and unique features of each brand - what makes products unique and desirable

Our job is to take brands to another level through design. We like to find out about brands from the inside, discovering their strengths and what makes them unique and relevant to consumers. For us, design is a tool for achieving transformation and we use it to work on branding and packaging. We are captivated by timelessness: iconic brands that survive trends as time goes on to grow and remain alive.
We listen, observe, read and create. That’s the way we work. It’s a process of creating a strategy to take into account the consumer’s insights; where design works for the brand and the product generates sales.

What we believe in

Listening, observing and creating based on the essence of the brand to design differential, relevant products

Our distinctive approach blends tradition blended with a search for new languages. We are inspired by culture, traditional crafts, people, relationships and, above all, the trust of our clients. Without that trust and those shared values, it would be impossible to complete our projects successfully.
We believe in a job well done: a job focused on paying attention to detail. We take care of the details throughout the process, from implementing the design to producing the materials.
What we believe in

Who we are

We are a team who are passionate about design, art, culture, traditional crafts and people

We are a multidisciplinary team with more than 20 years’ experience in creating and developing brands and packaging. We have grown alongside clients who have trusted us and who still trust us today.
Our team looks at each project as a new challenge; a team of insatiable creatives and inexhaustible perfectionists.
Creative Director and founder

Eva Minguella

It might seem self-centred and individualistic to name a studio after its founder. But that’s not how things really are: Eva always has a great team alongside her, and an excellent guide. It was Albert Just, one of her mentors and a friend, who decided her studio should have her name. It’s a feminine name with strong significance, and Eva is a brave, enthusiastic person who is always in a good mood.

Ignasi Jerez

Ignasi Jerez

The only person who has the ability to be in every corner of the studio at the same time. Tireless. Lover of folk wisdom, calligraphy, lettering and editorial design.

Laura Roig

Laura Roig

Laura is passionate about bicycles and collecting graphic art. Her work with publications in this sector brings us inspiring treasures to fill our shelves.

Elena Gambús

Elena Gambús

Elena, who is responsible for everything that surrounds design yet is not design, likes to be among flowers and plants. She admits that the view of the garden was the main reason she agreed to join the team.

Laura Homs

Laura Homs

Seeing how Laura composes spaces, selects typefaces, harmonises colours and creates products, it’s easy to forget that, before she was a packaging designer, she was an engineer. But the engineer is still there, tempering creativity with rigour day after day.



He was chosen for the symmetry of the marking that decorates his back. In his time, he has shown great capabilities, even acting as a sundial. To tell the time, all you need to do is to look where he is. On rainy days, he prefers to be near the warmest heater.

Where we are

Our studio is in Barcelona, at the bottom of Avinguda Tibidabo. The trees, the nearby mountains and the tram which still climbs up the avenue are just some of the unique features of our surroundings. Here, we have created our own space which is part of our essence, our character and the way we work.

Our clients

  • Conservas Ortiz
  • La Selva
  • Nestlé España
  • Carsodo
  • La Lechera
  • Grupo Damm
  • Cedria
  • La Festiva
  • Lactalis Nestlé
  • Nestlé Extrafino
  • Freskibo
  • Sveltesse
  • Buitoni
  • Maggi
  • Gothia Launia
  • Anela Fruits
  • Liberty Cargo
  • Iberlicor
  • Coren
  • UIC
  • Cava Avinyó