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La Selva
La Selva poultry: dressing up the range
La Selva Joaquim Albertí
La Selva
Paco Arará
We have given the La Selva poultry range its own identity with a new brand strategy and strong visual appearance. A luxury charcuterie product that shines on the counters of the best gourmet stores with its unique language.

Poultry consumption is winning followers among charcuterie customers in both the counter and self-service channels. In a market with a wide and highly fragmented range, we seek to put across the brand’s expertise as a specialist in creating this type of product. We had to transfer the brand’s positioning as luxury charcuterie and the company’s experience in making cooked ham to its poultry products.

The idea consisted of “dressing up” these pieces with a transversal ribbon. This and another classical feature – the use of prints of birds – contrast with a graphic and typeface selection that get right away from the classical look. The use of the ribbon is disruptive in this category, as is the use of the grid of lines on the Pavo al Natural, matching the texture of the piece and embellishing the whole product. In this case, from the very beginning of the project we felt we needed to make the most of the freedom of movement given by materials like the sleever, enjoying the possibility of not covering the entire content with an adhesive label.

With this forceful but elegant structure for the range, La Selva has demonstrated the depth of its poultry products and has set itself up as a leading specialist in luxury charcuterie made from poultry.