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Nestlé Kéfir
Nestlé Kefir: a traditional product for a global market
Lactalis Nestlé
Nestlé Kéfir
In response to the growing demand for authentic, traditional, healthy products, Nestlé is launching its own range of kefir, and has entrusted the design of the sub-brand language and the packaging for the range to us.

In line with new food trends, Lactalis Nestlé is offering the market a range of kefir, initially with two flavours: natural and strawberry. Consumers of this product are looking for alternative foods to yoghurt that offer a different flavour while remaining authentic and healthy. For Eva Estudi, the challenge is to create a relevant, credible language under the Nestlé brand for a more alternative, traditional product than most of the existing ones under the brand. 

As the product is originally Bulgarian, we thought its packaging should be developed like a traditional container, not in an obvious way through the structural design but rather in the branding and graphics. For this reason, we took the decoration used in popular ceramics and textiles in Bulgarian culture as the basis to develop a decorated typeface for the sub-brand, together with a series of details giving the product a young, authentic image without gimmicks. 

The image created for Lactalis Nestlé in this case shows, once again, that when a brand picks up traditional and artistic elements, they not only fill it with value, it also becomes a vehicle to make them last.