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La Lechera
La Lechera: repositioning an iconic brand
La Lechera
We redesigned the whole range of yoghurts and desserts in a glass in the direct, comprehensible language of the mass market, based on the idea that our consumer values the tradition and authenticity of La Lechera.

La Lechera, a leader in the yoghurt and dessert in a glass category, entrusted their brand to us for a change of image accompanied by a change of design of the structural packaging. The previous consolidator for the glass jars not only caused many breakages at the point of sale, it also meant there was no chance of working on the front of the pack, as it only covered the top. We decided to strengthen the corporate yellow on all the consolidators, we suggested that the brand should be complemented with “since 1910”, and we worked with large, forceful fruits for each variety in the range.

The result was an increase in the brand presence in the aisle, growth in the category, and an expansion of the number of references in the range.