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Nestlé Extrafino
Nestlé Extrafino: design for a growing family
Nestlé España
Nestlé Extrafino
Oriol Aleu
From the beginning, helping and supporting Nestlé Extrafino as it has grown in the Spanish market has always been an ideal job for us, allowing us to show our experience in designing consumer packaging.

If there is a series of brands that belong to our culture and form part of our childhood, Nestlé Extrafino is one of them. Dick&Dave, the agency appointed by Nestlé Europe to change the brand, led this international project and we were invited by Nestlé Spain to form part of it from the start. 

In this case, our job as a national agency was to receive the basic design and develop all the formats in the range. In this kind of project, the experience and craft of the designer is more important than aspects like creativity. Experience in developing a wide range of products and small details are more important than ever in this type of project because they make the difference between a job well done and what might seem like a mechanical exercise.

Our responsibility has been to harmonise the whole range – from the largest format down to the handbag-size bar – and to develop the back of the packaging. That meant creating the image and standardising the look of “Responsible Pleasure” for the whole range of Nestlé chocolate bars and creating and designing the back of the packaging for the whole range.